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  • Excellent 24/7 healthcare with the benefits of being treated with respect and being "spoiled" by staff. All my questions are answered; it never feels like you're in a time slot and they need to move on to the next patient. No waiting time to get into your physician, which is huge – especially when you're not feeling well – and not having to be in close quarters with other sick clients.

    – Terese Ferguson

    I thought my favorite thing about Signature Healthcare was the ease of getting an appointment…until I had a real emergency this year.


    I had nearly amputated my thumb, and when I called the on-call line and was able to speak to a doctor – not an answering service, not voicemail, but an actual doctor – who quickly advised me on emergency treatment.

    – Dr. Theodore Sikorski

    With Signature, for the first time in my adult life, I have a partner for my healthcare–a partner that is always accessible, accommodates my impossible schedule, has 24/7 electronic access to my records, and focuses on keeping me well, in addition to providing terrific care when I am ill.

    – Linda P. Hudson

    Signature Healthcare allows me to schedule appointments at my convenience, even at the last minute. I am able to discuss any medical issues with my doctor, and never feel rushed through an appointment. It’s wonderful to have a doctor who knows me well. In addition, there’s always fast and easy follow up over the phone or by email when needed.

    – Chris Linscheid

    There is no wait. You have 24/7 access to a doctor and so many services in a moment's notice. My husband twisted his ankle and we had a flight out that evening. They told him to come in for an x-ray. It took just 30 minutes to confirm he was okay. My doctor has even met me at Signature offices on a Sunday.

    – Deidre Grubb

    The best primary healthcare I know of is Signature Healthcare. The doctors have cared for my family members with the utmost compassion, expertise and kindness. Their efforts to ensure my loved ones’ wellbeing does not stop at 5:00 or over the weekend–they have been attentive beyond any reasonable expectation.

    – Russ Greenfield, M.D.

    When I was pregnant with my first child, like most first-time moms, I was anxious to find a caring and competent pediatrician. When I met Dr. Sinai, it was a huge load off my mind - she calmed all of our fears, and became a trusted source of medical advice and plain parenting wisdom after our son was born and became her patient. In sickness and in health, she was there for us whenever we needed, and we knew we could always trust her to do the right thing.

    – Hillary I.

    Dr. Sinai is an absolutely brilliant diagnostician and clinician, who is extremely caring and devoted to her families and her patients. My husband, Eric, and I have two children, each with developmental issues. From the moment they were born, she was there; supporting us in our children's care, monitoring their development and doing whatever was needed for us to find the specialists required for their progress.

    – Amy S.

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