• Well Checks

    We follow the American Academy of Pediatrics recommended schedule for well child visits. At Signature Pediatrics we will take the time to answer all of your questions while also providing guidance on many topics to maximize healthy physical, emotional, educational and social development of your child.

    Benefits of regularly scheduled Well Checks


    Tracking Physical Growth and Health

    Regular monitoring of height and weight milestones as well as other physiological aspects of your child’s health such as sleep, nutrition and skill development will ensure optimal, healthy growth.


    Monitoring Psychological Development

    Every check-up is an opportunity to discuss topics such as social development, behavior, learning and expectations for changes the next months or year may bring.


    Building Healthy Relationships

    Regular visits allow your child to become more comfortable with the pediatrician, which leads to greater trust and ultimately better communication. This becomes especially important with the rapid changes and challenges the teen years may bring.



    The well visit also provides the perfect opportunity to discuss age related safety issues, address parental concerns to prevent issues before they arise, and to identify any problems early and take corrective action.



    Signature Pediatrics follows the AAP, ACIP, and CDC recommendations to prevent serious and life threatening illnesses. Click here to see the latest versions of these schedules.

  • Same-Day Sick Visits

    There will be times when your child is not feeling well and may need to be seen sooner rather than later. Whether your little one has a minor case of the sniffles, a bump or bruise, or is suffering from a more serious problem, the sooner you contact us the better! If you aren’t sure of the need to come in, you can discuss the symptoms with your doctor to decide if a visit is necessary. We schedule regular-hours office visits for sick children the same day. We also offer after-hours consultations with the doctor via phone and video.

  • Additional Services

    Advantages of Concierge Medicine

    • On site x-ray
    • IV medications and IV fluids
    • Travel medicine
    • Ear piercing
    • Suturing
    • Newborn circumcisions
    • Virtual visits via internet or phone
    • Same day sick visits
    • Text and email access to the doctor
    • Direct doctor access after hours
    • Annual nutrition/life coach consultation
  • Prenatal Support

    Pregnancy is a time of great excitement and anticipation. For many new parents it is also a time of concern and questions. Of course your obstetrician is your primary source for pregnancy-related questions, but we are your primary source for child-related questions even before your baby is born! We can help you organize for the new addition to your home, support breastfeeding, prepare older siblings and more.

  • Sports Physicals

    Signature Pediatrics offers comprehensive sports physicals

    We use the American Academy of Pediatrics comprehensive guidelines for complete evaluation prior to sports participation. This includes a review of medical and family history, immunization status, vision screen and more. Your school’s required form(s) will also be completed as needed.


    For children who are not currently patients of Signature Pediatrics, the sports physical will not be filed with health insurance, but the $100 fee will be applied towards the cost of membership if your child joins our concierge pediatric practice within 60 days of the exam. Sports physicals for non-members are only offered once per athlete. Call us at 704-944-8388 for questions or to schedule your sports physical.

  • Travel Medicine

    Signature Pediatrics travels with you and your family across the state or across the globe. We will advise you when you’re on the road, ensure you children are properly immunized, prepare a personal medical travel kit for your child if needed and call in your prescriptions.

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