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    The Advantages of Membership

  • About Signature Healthcare

    In 2003, Signature Healthcare established itself as the region’s original provider of personalized, executive-level care. Others have attempted to offer our level of extra services, but these are often accompanied by limitations, restrictions and hidden costs, and are often controlled by large corporate healthcare systems or franchises. Our “gold standard” in personalized care provides you with the ultimate in benefits including:

    A low patient-to-doctor ratio that gives us more time to address all aspects of your healthcare, providing a thorough, unhurried focus on prevention and wellness.

    24/7 access and minimal to no wait time– same day appointments and “Virtual Visits” via video chat or phone.

    Comprehensive in-office services such as X-ray, IV medications and fluids, labs, and travel medicine.

    Our SouthPark office is designed to provide a relaxing, spa-like atmosphere.

  • Services like these – included with your membership – mean the difference between Signature patients living and living well. Our patients find their nominal investment yields significant benefits in wellness, convenience and comfort. No waiting for appointments and no sitting in crowded reception areas.

  • How Membership Works

    Signature Healthcare Charlotte Patient Membership

    Signature Healthcare differs from other practices because our doctors treat fewer than 10% of the number of patients most doctors treat. We are able to do this by charging our patients a nominal annual membership fee. This investment will return significant benefits to you, your family and your business. The membership fee may be tax-deductible as a business expense, but you should discuss this with your tax advisor.


    Signature Healthcare accepts most medical insurance, including Medicare. All costs associated with medical services are billed to your insurance company in standard fashion. Members pay designated co-payments just as they would at another practice (required by Federal law). Aside from the membership fee, the medical billing in our practice functions just like any other primary care doctors' office.

  • How Signature Works With Your Insurance

    The membership fee is not covered by insurance. A tax advisor can clarify whether the fee qualifies for reimbursement from a Healthcare Savings Account (HSA) or other tax-advantaged plan, or whether it qualifies as a non-medical tax-deductible business expense.


    Signature Healthcare is an “in-network” provider with most of the plans offered with the following companies. It is advised to contact your insurer directly if you have questions about our network status with your particular plan.



    Blue Cross Blue Shield*



    Medcost and Affiliates


    MultiPlan and Affiliates

    WellPath / Coventry


    *Be aware that if you purchase your insurance through the Marketplace or individually, BCBS of NC has introduced several new plans, "Blue Value", "Blue Local" and “Blue Home”. Unlike previous plans, we – as well as other independent physicians – are not allowed to participate. We have reached out to BCBS to become part of these networks without success; therefore, we remain out-of-network with these plans.


    Signature Healthcare is dedicated in serving our valued patients and helping you meet the challenges of a difficult insurance climate. Call us at 704-554-8787 and we will be happy to discuss available options with you.

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