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  • Our physicians are hand-picked for their medical and technical expertise, caring attitude, and dedication to do whatever is necessary to meet the needs of our patients. In our practice, traditional nursing tasks are performed by registered nurses, not by medical office assistants.


    The combined efforts of our doctors and staff allow Signature to provide our patients with prompt, comprehensive, quality healthcare with constant attention to detail.

  • Elizabeth Abernathy, MD

    Dr. Abernathy is board certified in Internal Medicine and a Fellow of the American College of Physicians (FACP).


    Dr. Abernathy was raised in Charlotte and graduated from Davidson College with a major in Medical Ethics. She completed medical school, residency, and a general medicine fellowship at UNC Chapel Hill. She has been practicing medicine in Charlotte for 14 years. Ten of those years were spent in academics learning, researching and teaching ethics, health policy, systems-based practice, and clinical decision making to medical students and residents at Carolinas Medical Center. She obtained her MHA from UNC Chapel Hill School of Public Health in an effort to better understand healthcare delivery systems and economics.


    She enjoys history, travel, and literature. She and her husband spend most of their time trying to keep up with their son and his foxhound.


    Signature Healthcare Charlotte Debra Gazzuolo

    Debra Gazzuolo, MD

    Dr. Gazzuolo is board-certified in internal medicine.


    She grew up in the Atlanta area, graduated summa cum laude from Georgia Tech, and received her medical degree from Washington University in St. Louis. She completed her residency in internal medicine at University of Pittsburgh Medical Center where she subsequently joined the faculty in the Department of Medicine and served as Assistant Clinical Professor for six years prior to moving to the Charlotte area. Through her academic and teaching experience, Dr. Gazzuolo earned the rank of Fellow in the American College of Physicians. Areas of special interest include diabetes, cancer screening, women’s health, and preventive care. She enjoys playing tennis, traveling, and spending time with her husband and daughter.

    Signature Healthcare Charlotte Jordan Lipton

    Jordan Lipton, MD

    Dr. Lipton is board-certified in both emergency medicine and ambulatory medicine.


    Dr. Lipton earned his medical degree at McGill University, Montréal, Canada, and completed his residency at Carolinas Medical Center. He is board-certified in both emergency and ambulatory medicine, and co-founded Signature Healthcare in 2003. He has contributed to numerous medical journals and textbooks and has lectured internationally. He is the Medical Advisory Board director and a volunteer at the HeartBright Foundation and a member of the Physician’s Advisory Council of ROAMD. He has been featured in the Charlotte Business Journal's "Big Ideas" profile. Dr. Lipton and his wife, Dr. Siu Challons-Lipton, have two grown children and enjoy squash (both the sport and the vegetable!), skiing, art, reading, cooking, and travel.


    Signature Healthcare Charlotte Michael Martin

    Michael Martin, MD

    Dr. Martin is board-certified in internal medicine.


    He grew up in Virginia, graduated with highest distinction from the University of Virginia and received his medical degree from the University of Virginia School of Medicine. After medical school, he completed his residency training at Yale-New Haven Hospital in Connecticut, as well as at the University of Virginia Hospitals.


    Dr. Martin moved to Charlotte in 1991 to begin practice in internal medicine. He has remained in Charlotte since, other than a brief return to Charlottesville, Virginia in 2012, where his practice there afforded him the opportunity to provide care for some of his previous college professors. He enjoys all aspects of internal medicine, cardiovascular risk factor assessment and reduction, and preventive care and screening. When he is not working, he enjoys time with family, golfing, skiing, and skydiving, having been a licensed skydiver since 2001.

    Signature Healthcare Charlotte Elizabeth Perry

    Elizabeth Perry, MD

    Dr. Perry is board-certified in internal medicine.


    She earned her medical degree at the Medical College of Virginia, completed a residency in internal medicine at the University of Pennsylvania Hospital in Philadelphia, and completed a second residency in emergency medicine at the Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore. Dr. Perry was the chairperson for the Health Services Committee of the Charlotte Chamber of Commerce for 2006-07. She was also a recipient of the Charlotte Business Journal's "Women in Business Achievement Award" in 2006. She and her husband, Jon Perry, have three children and enjoy outdoor activities as well as travel.

    Signature Healthcare Charlotte Marshall Silverman

    Marshall Silverman, MD

    Dr. Silverman is board-certified in internal medicine.


    He has been practicing medicine in Charlotte since 1999. Dr. Silverman graduated cum laude from Duke University, received his medical degree from Tulane University in New Orleans, and completed his residency at Emory University in Atlanta. Following residency, he served in the United States Army, supervising the internal medical clinic and ICU at Ft. Campbell, Kentucky until his departure for North Carolina.


    Dr. Silverman serves as a clinical associate professor at UNC-Chapel Hill’s School of Medicine. His commitment to academic excellence has earned him the rank of Fellow in the American College of Physicians. Dr. Silverman is a member of the Wilderness Medical Society and he enjoys camping with his wife and three children. He is an avid runner, a published author of children's poetry and an aspiring violinist.

    Signature Healthcare Charlotte Marshall Silverman

    Mary Hamid, MD

    Dr. Hamid is board certified in internal medicine.


    Dr. Hamid was born and raised in Mobile, Alabama. She graduated Summa Cum Laude from the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) with a Bachelor of Science in Natural Sciences. At UAB, Dr. Hamid completed the Early Medical School Acceptance Program where she graduated from college and medical school in 6 years. She finished her medical education at UAB with Internal Medicine Residency (Primary Care Track). Directly after residency, she moved to Charlotte in 2005 and worked for a bustling large hospital-based practice until joining Signature Healthcare in 2021. She enjoys all aspects of primary care particularly the long-term relationships she grows with her patients.


    Dr. Hamid loves spending time with her husband, Dr. Nady Hamid, their three active children, and their mini-Australian labradoodle named Waffles. She enjoys taking family trips (that her husband plans) and spending time with friends.

    Dr. David Yancey


    Dr. Yancey is board-certified in internal medicine.


    He was born and raised in Winston-Salem and graduated from Davidson College with a major in Psychology. He attended The Brody School of Medicine at East Carolina for medical school and completed his residency in internal medicine at the Mayo Clinic. After completing residency, he moved back to North Carolina and has been practicing medicine in Charlotte since 2010. As a hospitalist physician at Carolinas Medical Center, Dr. Yancey led several multi-disciplinary rounding programs and helped educate PA and nurse practitioner fellows.

    Dr. Yancey enjoys trail running, hiking with his dog, traveling, cooking, and working jigsaw puzzles with his family.

  • Retired Doctors

    M. Bryan Woodward III, MD-Retired Partner

    Dr. Woodward is board-certified in both family practice and emergency medicine.


    Dr. Woodward earned his medical degree at the University of South Carolina School of Medicine. He completed an internship at Roanoke Memorial Hospital in Virginia and completed his residency in Family Medicine at the University of Alabama, Birmingham in 1990. He later became board-certified in Emergency Medicine.


    Dr. Woodward worked 15+ years serving as the on-site physician for Fortune 500 companies during international events and then spent his final 15+ work-years with Signature Healthcare. In retirement, Dr. Woodward is enjoying traveling, outdoor activities and real-estate investing

  • Our doctors are proud to serve the community by participating in various philanthropic groups, most notably the HeartBright Foundation, the American Diabetes Association, the American Heart Association, the Mint Museum, the Charlotte World Affairs Council, and the Learning Society and Friends of the Arts at Queens University.

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