• Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is concierge medicine?

    The concierge model of healthcare achieves a higher level of care that allows the physician to invest more time in building a relationship with you and getting to know your unique needs and lifestyle. Our doctors care for fewer than 10% of the patients in a traditional practice. This allows us to focus on prevention and supporting a healthy lifestyle. For those with existing medical concerns, we are able to spend more time caring for your specific needs and facilitating care with hospitals and specialists when needed.

    Signature patients enjoy 24/7 access to a physician, not a nurse or call center. Concierge medicine eliminates the need for visits to urgent care centers and there is no sitting in waiting rooms.

  • I am generally healthy -- Why enroll in concierge medicine?

    The benefits of concierge medicine are the difference between living and living well.

    Our doctors will get to know your unique needs and lifestyle so they can spend more time focusing on

    prevention and total mental and physical wellness than a traditional medical provider is able to. We perform an annual comprehensive (“executive”) physical exam to detect issues in their early stages. We are also available around-the- clock for issues, even when you’re out of town for business or pleasure. Don’t wait until you’re sick to seek a higher level of care.

    If you do get sick or injured, we are affiliated with all local medical facilities. We are not, however, owned by a large hospital system or franchise. Thus we have the freedom to make referrals to the best specialists in the area and the country.

  • Which specialists does Signature Healthcare recommend?

    Signature Healthcare is an independent practice. Therefore, we have the flexibility to refer to specialists that are affiliated with any hospital system or to those that are independent. With that freedom, we pick and choose amongst the best that Charlotte and the world have to offer in specialty care.

  • Who should enroll in a concierge practice?

    Concierge care is for individuals and companies who understand and desire the peace of mind that comes with being able to contact their doctor 24/7/365. We spend as much time as needed with you at every visit and offer an unparalleled level of service and care. We also offer many services that you can only get at an urgent care center, emergency room or other specialty setting, including:

    • On-site x-ray
    • IV medications and IV fluids
    • Travel medicine
    • Suturing wounds
    • Initial orthopedic management
    • Virtual visits with the doctor via internet or phone
    • Same day sick visits
    • Text and email access to the doctor
    • Direct doctor access after-hours
    • Annual nutrition/life coach and exercise physiologist consultations
  • What are some other benefits of becoming a Signature Healthcare patient?

    Our patients often receive complete care in just one visit to our office. Signature Healthcare offers both x-ray and lab at both of our facilities. Our team can administer IV fluids and medications, and our doctors are adept at emergency procedures such as fracture care, laceration repair and biopsies. Our extensive experience in emergency medical care can often eliminate the nightmare of an emergency room visit.

    Membership includes a complimentary health and wellness assessment with our expert exercise physiologist each year, as well as a consultation with our Nutrition and Lifestyle Educator. We also offer Massage Therapy to aid in treating a wide range of medical conditions.

  • What is included in an Annual “Executive” Physical?

    Signature Healthcare patients are treated to a personal preventive care plan that keeps them ready for all of life’s demands. We provide an annual health assessment to set your health goals and then evaluate your progress in achieving those goals. This executive physical includes x-rays, comprehensive labs, immunizations, EKG, and other cardiovascular screening, and is followed by a written summary of the results with follow-up services as necessary.

  • How do I reach the doctor after hours, including weekends and holidays?

    Call our main number 704-554-8787. You will have two options:

    Press 1 and your call will be directed to the physician on call. Otherwise, leave a message with your physician or nurse for non-urgent issues and your call will be returned early the following business day. Our patients also enjoy the convenience, when appropriate, of communicating via email and text.

  • Can you meet with the physician before joining?

    Yes, we encourage all prospective patients to call for more information and to schedule a tour of either of our offices and meet with one or more of our physicians to ensure you will be a great fit and establish a long lasting and healthy relationship. You can call us at 704-554- 8787 or email us at info@signaturehealthcare.org to arrange this.

  • Do you accept and file medical insurance?

    Signature Healthcare accepts most medical insurance, including Medicare. All costs associated with medical services are billed to your insurance company in the standard fashion. Members pay designated co-payments just as they would at another practice (required by Federal law).

  • Is the membership fee tax-deductible?

    The membership fee is generally not covered by insurance. However, your tax adviser can clarify whether the membership fee (which does not include actual health services) qualifies for a tax deduction as a business expense.