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You’ve been exposed to COVID-19. Now what?

· COVID-19

Dear Signature Healthcare Patients,

You’ve been exposed to COVID-19. Now what?

With the increasing prevalence of COVID-19 in the community, there is increased risk of exposure whenever you are in contact with people.

COVID-19 is most frequently spread by respiratory droplets. Exposure can be minimized by wearing a mask, staying 6 feet apart and staying outside. Avoid exposing others by staying home when you’re sick. We can’t say this enough.

As many of you are aware, North Carolina will remain in Phase 2 for 3 more weeks. It was also announced that face coverings must be worn when people are in public places as we seek to stabilize concerning trends of increasing viral spread. There are very few medical reasons NOT to be able to abide by this mandate, which will only be successful if everyone participates.

If you have been exposed to someone who tested positive for COVID-19, do the following:

1. Self-quarantine for 14 days or until you are tested. Check your temperature twice daily and monitor for symptoms. Stay away from high risk individuals to avoid exposing them.

What’s the difference between quarantine and isolation? Follow this link for CDC guidance:

2. If the COVID-19 positive person is a member of your household:

a. Isolate that person in one bedroom and bathroom 100% of the time.

b. Stay at least 6 feet apart and wear masks if complete isolation is not possible.

c. Leave food outside the door. Wash dishes/utensils with gloves and hot water or in a dishwasher. Wash hands after handling.

d. Do not share dishes, cups/glasses, silverware, towels, bedding or electronics with the infected person.

e. Do not allow visitors to your home, especially high-risk individuals.

f. Follow this link for more information from the CDC:

3. If you want to be tested, you should wait at least 5 days after exposure or your test will more likely be falsely negative. Testing can be done in our office, Monday through Friday by appointment.

4. In small studies, saliva testing was more accurate than nasal swabs. Saliva testing is currently only available via mail order from two companies. A doctor’s order is not required. Patients can order test kits online with overnight delivery:

5. If you have questions about a specific situation, please call your doctor to discuss the situation.

Updated Signature Healthcare testing statistics:

  • Number of patients tested for current disease (nasal swab): 197
  • Number positive: 13
  • Percent positive for active disease: 6.6%
  • Number of patients tested for antibodies (blood test for prior exposure/infection): 190
  • Number positive: 5
  • Percent positive for antibodies: 2.6%


The Signature Healthcare Team

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