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COVID-19, Charlotte moves into Phase 2.5

· COVID-19

Dear Signature Family and Friends,

As Charlotte moves into Phase 2.5, we thought this would be great time to send you another update.

The biggest change is that some gyms will be re-opening with limited capacity. While there are some scenarios under which this may be safe, for the majority of our patients we continue to recommend outdoor exercise. If you can’t manage without your gym, normal social distancing practices are not enough. There is no one formula that applies to every situation. Remember that people in the gym breathe heavier, stay longer and move around more, which are all factors that increase the likelihood of viral transmission.

Here are three video links from your Signature physicians (doctors Abernathy, Gazzuolo and Lackey) providing excellent insights into staying healthy as we move into fall.

Flu Season

Flu season in Charlotte usually begins in January and peaks in February, and we will often see lingering cases into April. There is some evidence that the effectiveness of the Flu vaccine starts to decline 6 months after inoculation. While the vaccine is currently available, we encourage you to schedule your flu vaccine in October or November. Look for more details later this month.

Stats (as of September 1st)


We are receiving a high volume of requests for SARS-CoV-2 testing prior to travel or visiting with relatives/friends. We are happy to accommodate these requests, assuming there is no shortage of testing supplies. If flying, check with your airline or the destination government to confirm what their testing policy is. The tests typically take 48 hours to result, so plan your testing accordingly. Please note that many insurance companies are not covering pre-travel SARS-CoV-2 testing.

Tip: Departing flights on Tuesday through Wednesday a.m. can be problematic if the airlines requires the test be obtained within 72 hours of travel.

We are optimistic that rapid (15-60 minute), reliable (travel-approved) screening tests will be available soon. While some of these tests have already hit the headlines, they are not yet available for non-governmental distribution. We will continue to scour our sources and let you know when it is available.

We are proud to partner with OneBlood on September 11th for our second blood drive of 2020. At the time of donation, donors will also be tested for CoVID-19 antibodies and Blood Type. Donation is by appointment only. Please follow the link for more information.

We wish all of you a healthy, happy and safe September. We are available 24/7 should you have questions or concerns regarding any aspect of your health care.

Yours in Good Health,

The Signature Healthcare Team

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